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O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2014

Fáni is a gentle giant with a huge rasta frond encircling his head. He lives in Hosszúhetény, a village in Southern Hungary and is an avid forager in Wales in the autumns.
There are many topics going on in this year’s cooking grove, but the main, underlying current is preservation, “alternative”, that is, traditional ways of keeping food longer. So the first step is the gathering of food, naturally our talk turns to foraging.
Basically, the guys wake up early, wait for the first light then set out to look for fields that have potential acorn, .This is an exciting part: going in the car, turning onto small roads – light up the eyes Fáni – looking for the red glow of hawthorne. We prefer farms and parks for a simple reason: the grass is mowed and we can find everything easier, no need to search the undergrowth of a forest for example. The farm owners, when we tell them what we are gathering for, usually allow it.
So what is it for?

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