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Boom Festival 2014

As the August full moon casts its silver light over the quiet, black waters of the lake there is yet another shift in the atmosphere of Boom. The great spotlight has been switched on for the final stage of this psychedelic gathering – the last 24 hours of the festival have begun.

There’s a sense of ecstatic urgency in the air, the lights seem to be even brighter, the music from the stages even more crisp and hypnotic, the smiles even bigger. The mind-boggling video mappings on the facades of the Dance Temple erupt into an orgasm of floating colours and shapes, a visionary experience of utter magnificence. The rich bass lines that emit from the different stages have finally vibrated the Boomers into the sacred state of collective trance.

A thunderstorm of laser rays can be seen on top of the fluorescent Wish Tower, giving expression to the positive energy that is send to the universe. Wormholes and teleportation gates have popped up all over the vast festival area, and wondrous beings from strange dimensions mingle with the frolicking crowds.

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